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The Nightmare Fair:  The Edwardian Cricketer Book Review

The Nightmare Fair: The Edwardian Cricketer Book Review

6th Doctor and Peri

Author: EdwardianCricketer/Friday, December 19, 2014/Categories: Blog, Book Review

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As many might know, there was an 18 month gap between "Revelation of the Daleks" and "The Trial of a Time Lord." What many might not know is that there had been a season of Doctor Who planned and scripts written for it. "The Nightmare Fair" is the novelization of one of those "missing" stories that was never mounted or filmed. It's an unnumbered Target book written by Graham Williams, the former producer of the series. 

The Celestial Toymaker is a fantastic concept for Doctor Who. He's one I wish would make a reappearance in the new series. I've read this book before it before and remember enjoying it. This time, it seemed to drag. I have a difficult time imagining this one being broadcast. I can't think it would have been more than three episodes as it was slow and I can't see the cliffhangers. 

Williams is an excellent writer and he brings a certain biting humor to this story that's seems to have been a good direction for Colin Baker's Doctor to go. It's kind of a shame that this clever Doctor spends so much time locked up and Peri spends so much time wandering around. 

I relish reading the book every time I read it and I guess that's why, on first seeing this book years ago, I was truly excited; the Toymaker had returned. His fate at the end of this book might be mirrored somewhat by what the 10th Doctor did to the Family of Blood. It's a truly horrible fate even for something a malevolent as the Toymaker. 

I've heard the Big Finish version of this and can't help thinking it must've been one of the first things they did. I felt it was poor. I don't know if Nicola Bryant voiced Peri for that because she didn't sound right. Peri sounded to me like she had a cold or seemed to spend a lot of time whining. It's not one I would listen to again. 

The other story I've read concerning the Celestial Toymaker is Gary Russell's PDA, "Divided Loyalties," which is an incredible book with the 5th Doctor, Adric, Nyssya, and Tegan. 
I found "The Nighmare Fair" to be a good book but not great. I'd still read it again in the future.


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