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Tomb of the Cybermen:  The Edwardian Cricketer Book Review

Tomb of the Cybermen: The Edwardian Cricketer Book Review

2nd Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, and Victoria Waterfield

Author: EdwardianCricketer/Thursday, January 15, 2015/Categories: Blog, Book Review

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Number 66 in the Doctor Who Library, this book features the 2nd Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield. Gerry Davis creates an incredible atmosphere of menace in his novelization of his own script. One can feel the cold tombs and the hard metal surfaces, the panic of the crewmen and explorers, the malice of the villains, the rage of Toberman. Tomb of the Cybermen is a brilliant piece of literature. Davis tells the story in such a way that the reader is eager to read the next page. It's a creepy story, filled with cold but bright passageways, sinister villains and intrepid explorers; and, of course, the Cybermen.

Each of the characters in this story is an individual and Davis gives most everyone something to do and distinguishes each character apart. I liked the no-nonsense Captain Hopper. I felt some sorrow for Toberman. This is Victoria's first time traveling with the Doctor and she does what she did best in her tenure as a companion - screamed very well. There's the usual good banter between the Doctor and Jamie.

My only nitpicks with the story are that Davis didn't seem to be able to decide whether to call the Doctor "Doctor" or "Doctor Who," and, at least once inferred the this was only the second time the Doctor had encountered the Cybermen. That is incorrect as this would the third time and Davis more or less corrected this is the narrative.

All in all, it's a creepy, atmospheric story with a brilliant long-game plot told in a way that one doesn't want to stop reading.


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