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Other Lives

The Edwardian Cricketer Media Review

Author: EdwardianCricketer/Thursday, February 9, 2017/Categories: Blog, Audio Drama Review

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This Big Finish Main Range 8th Doctor Adventure features Charlie Pollard, played by India Fisher, and C'rizz, played by Conrad Westmaas. This was a nice adventure... or several as it uses a tried and trusted method of Doctor Who storytelling:  separate the Doctor, played by Paul McGann, and his companions from the TARDIS and then from each other. Each character has their own story line with the ultimate goal of getting back together and getting back to the TARDIS. The TARDIS materializes in London, 1851 at a time when the Crystal Palace housed the Great Exhibition. The Doctor  is mistaken, first for an assassin and then for the husband of Georgina Marlowe, played by Francesca Hunt. Charlie is mistaken for a prostitute but is able to get help from the Duke of Wellington, played by Ron Moody. C'rizz is captured to be part of a freak show but, after being freed, is asked to play the part of Christian De Roche while Charlie is asked to pose as Madeleine De Roche. These two are visiting the Exhibition on behalf of Napoleon as guests of the Duke and are the targets of the assassin. C'rizz lets them into the TARDIS but exits himself. The French ambassadors inadvertently operate the TARDIS. It all makes for a great character study. There is brilliant dialog both serious and humorous. It seemed to wrap up nicely, if a bit quickly, in the end and I think all the plot strands got tied up. I like Charlie. She's spunky. This is first time I've heard of C'rizz and I'm reserving judgement.

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