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"Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" Reviewed

Far out in space, a salvage ship operated by the Van Baalen Bros encounters what, at first, appears to be nothing more than rusty garbage—at best, an escape pod—set adrift. Little do the Van Baalens suspect that, once snared in their outlawed Magno-grab, this salvage job will materialize into something beyond their wildest dreams. And nightmares...

"Hide" Reviewed

Neil Cross's second episode for Series 7, Part 2 dares us not to hide in the old Calaban House, where on Night 4, November 25, 1974, at 11:04 p.m., the Doctor and Clara join an anxious pair of ghost hunters hoping to a show the lonely and lost soul that abides in the place the way home...

"Cold War" Reviewed

The North Pole. 1983. A Russian submarine on routine Cold War exercises uncovers something frozen in the ice. Brought on board, the creature is discovered to be alive and soon escapes, attacking the crew and sending their vessel plummeting to the depths of the Arctic—just as a certain blue box materializes on their bridge—in Mark Gatiss's "Cold War."

"The Rings of Akhaten" Reviewed

Episode 2 of Series 7, Part 2 takes us all the way back to the late summer of 1981 and a serendipitous encounter between a red leaf and young couple-to-be; reveals that time is not, point of fact, made of strawberries; and pits the Doctor against his biggest—some might even say most awesome—enemy yet...

"The Bells of Saint John" Reviewed

Written by show-runner Steven Moffat, the Series 7, Part 2 opener finds the Doctor and his TARDIS holed up in a monastery in Cumbria, circa 1207. Mad to solve the mystery of Clara Oswin Oswald, the Doctor has, at another's suggestion (see "The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel"), "withdrawn to this...